David Lukowski lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



NADA Miami Beach, helper, Miami, FL

Forward Union Fair, helper, NYC

The Casual Art Fair, helper, NYC

‘murican merkin, a Jack Roy production, Novella, NYC


Untitled Miami Beach, helper, Miami, FL

Two-Person Show (making out with the known and the unknown), with Birgit Rathsmann, curated by Emmy Mikelson, Heliopolis, Brooklyn, NY


SUNK, a Jack Roy production, General Practice, Miami, FL

Post Partum Party, curated by Katerina Lanfranco, Rhombus Space, Brooklyn, NY

this is not an art, a Jack Roy production, General Practice, Brooklyn, NY

helper presents, Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc., NYC


Jack Roy presents Ruslan Trusewych, ruSalon, Brooklyn, NY

Cisco Sysco Sisqo, organized by Tom Simon, Alina Tenser, & Kristof Wickman, LaFonda, Rockaway, Queens, NY

October 18, 1977, organized by Birgit Rathsmann, Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc., NYC

Asshole in the Gallery, curated by Margaret Coleman & Yasamin Keshtkar, Loft 594, Brooklyn, NY

Decisiveness, a ruSalon event hosted by helper, Brooklyn, NY

do it outside yourself, organized by Rachel Higgins, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY

Rainbow Juice, a Ronnie McPhee joint organized by Birgit Rathsmann + David Lukowski, helper, Brooklyn, NY

Oblique Strategies, curated by Emmy Mikelson, Peter Fingesten Gallery, Pace University, NYC


A SIGN ON THE ROAD SAID: TAKE US TO MADRE!, a project by Marco Schmitt, Madre Helper, Brooklyn, NY


Lorem Ipsum, (solo) ruSalon, Brooklyn, NY

Tale, curated by Lynn Sullivan, 7 St. Nicholas, Brooklyn, NY

Middling, curated by Margaret Coleman, Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY

Signs on the Road, participating artist, Winkleman Gallery, NYC


Git a Rope, with Scott Penkava, curated by Katy Siegel, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, TX

Industry City Salon, curated by Michael Connor, Industry City, Brooklyn, NY


Playing Through, artists’ mini-golf carnival organized by David Lukowski & Scott Penkava, Industry City, Brooklyn, NY

As Such As Well As An Assumption, curated by Ruslan Trusewych, T.B.D., Brooklyn, NY


Cryptoreal, curated by Darren Jones, Francis Lewis Gallery, St. George’s Church, Queens, NY


the benefit of the doubt, Hunter College MFA Thesis Exhibition, Times Square Gallery, NYC

On the 3rd Day, curated by 3B, 12 Warren St, NYC

CAA MFA Exhibition, Times Square Gallery, NYC

DQ2, Hunter College, NYC

Time Based Event, Hunter College, NYC

Good Times: Crash and Play, curated by Davide Centineo Varvaro, 1625 2nd Ave, NYC


Mastered, curated by Emma Spertus, Pioneer Theatre, NYC


Disqualified, Hunter College, NYC


Picture Pages, (solo) Sherborn, MA

Heart and Soul, The Charity Gallery, Boston, MA